Fire, Life Safety and Elder Care Systems

Fire and Life Safety

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Residential Fire Alarms

Unfortunately, house fires are a pretty common occurrence. Early detection and notification are extremely important in order to get everyone out safely and minimize the damage.
Alamo Alarm can install monitored smoke and heat detectors that can trigger loud audible alarms notifying occupants and even neighbors that a fire has occurred. Also by having them monitored, the central station, upon receipt of the fire alarm signal, automatically dispatches the local fire department and advises them of what type of device triggered and which area of the house the signal came from. It is helpful information for the fire department to know it was the upstairs hall smoke detector or garage heat detector that sent in the fire alarm signal. When it comes to fires, seconds count, and it can be the difference of total loss or minimized damage.


Carbon Monoxide Detectors (CO2)

What is Carbon Monoxide? Carbon Monoxide is a colorless and odorless deadly gas that claims hundreds of lives in the United States each and every year.
How can I protect my family and pets from this silent and invisible killer?
Alamo Alarm can install monitored carbon monoxide detectors in your home. These detectors can sense the presence of carbon monoxide, causing an audible alarm on the keypad so that the occupants can vacate the home and get to fresh air. Central station operators will receive the signal and contact the residents to make sure everyone has exited the home safely and the fire department is also dispatched to the location. Monitored carbon monoxide detectors can even save the lives of indoor pets when you are away or at work, by notifying emergency personnel and yourself that the trouble exists when it is detected.


Wireless Medical Panics

Alamo Alarm Company can add a monitored wireless medical panic button to your existing alarm system. In the event of an emergency, press and hold the medical panic button for two seconds. You will know it has activated as the keypad will start beeping rapidly. Upon receipt of the medical panic alarm, central station operators will follow your custom instructions and call emergency personnel, family members or both, to notify them of the emergency situation.



Elder Care Systems

Alamo Alarm Company can custom design an elder care system to fit your needs. Discreetly keep an eye on loved ones to know that they are up and about and performing their daily activities. Receive notifications when a door or window opens, or when the medicine cabinet or refrigerator door opens and closes. Receive an alert if a door or window has been left open for a certain period of time. You can also receive a notification when your loved one disarms the system in the morning or arms it at night when going to bed.


Emergency Duress Code

Newer security alarm systems installed by Alamo Alarm Company come with a programmable feature called a “Duress Code”.  In the unfortunate event that an intruder follows you in as you enter your home, and forces you to turn off your alarm system, you would turn the alarm off using your “Duress Code” and the system would appear to turn off like normal. However, it would send a silent duress panic alarm signal to our central monitoring station and our operators would immediately dispatch the local police department, notifying them of the duress panic signal.