Alarm Response

Residential Response

Residential ResponseWhy send a friend, neighbor, family member or loved one, to respond to an alarm signal in the day or middle of the night, when a highly trained Alamo Alarm response agent can respond for you?
With more and more local police departments implementing a verified response policy, they will not respond to your home security alarm signals unless it has been verified as an actual break-in or burglary in progress. Our response agents can respond to the alarm signal for you to verify if it was an actual break-in or just a false alarm.
Once on site, the responder does a perimeter check of your home checking all accessible doors and windows to make sure nothing has been compromised or left unlocked or open. If there are no signs of forced entry and everything is locked and secure, the responder advises dispatch that everything is secure and vacates the premises. There would be no need to contact you and disrupt your day as the home was secure. If requested, we can call after each response just to give you a report of what was found. If it is determined that a break-in or attempted break-in has occurred, the responder immediately notifies our central monitoring station, who immediately dispatches the local police or sheriff’s department and then notifies you of the event. The responder then moves to a safe distance to observe and report, taking down any vehicle license plates and watching to see if anyone exits the home to be able to get a good description or possibly even take a picture.


Is Alarm Response Right for You?

* Can’t be on site within 20 minutes to meet with police?

* New to the area? Don’t know your neighbors? Work out of town?

* Stop sending employees, friends or family members into a potentially dangerous situation.

* Who will respond when you are on vacation?

* Will your police jurisdiction respond if no one is available?

* Avoid phone calls in the middle of the night.

* Avoid paying Police Department false alarm fines.

* Avoid having to pay overtime to employees responding to alarm signals.