Outdoor Protection

Alamo Alarm Company knows the importance of outdoor protection and offers many solutions to protect your outdoor yard which may house your vehicles, materials, and equipment.

Alamo Alarm Company currently offers the following outdoor protection. Not all protection may be appropriate for your location, and sometimes a combination of outdoor protection may be required to properly secure your outdoor area.
Outdoor BeamsOutdoor Beam Systems
These types of systems are very effective. Security beams can be installed around the perimeter of your fenced in outdoor area and even some cross beams through the middle. These beams can even be stacked to prevent someone from crawling under or jumping over the beams. When a person or vehicle breaks the beam, it will trigger an alarm alerting the central monitoring station that someone has entered your yard area with a description of which beam was triggered.


Outdoor Motion Detectors

These detectors can be installed in key access areas in which someone might enter your outdoor area. They work similar to the motion detectors that we install indoors, but they are less sensitive to pets or animals. These devices work best in a controlled outdoor environment as animals can still set them off in certain circumstances.




Gate ContactOutdoor Gate Contacts / Shock Sensors / Pull Traps, Etc.
 These type of devices can be installed to monitor gates or fences. Gate contacts know when someone has opened a gate whether the alarm system is armed or disarmed.




Vitek-VT-DHP-SRL4-1TCamera Systems

We highly recommend having outdoor cameras which are recorded and have remote access capabilities. If an outdoor security device trips the alarm, you can log into your cameras to see what caused it and if the authorities need to be dispatched.


Know what happens at your business while you are away.”



Total Connect Remote Services

Pair any of the outdoor protection with our Total Connect services and receive alerts via text or email when an outdoor device trips the alarm. Receive a text when a gate opens in the morning or during non-business hours, or receive an alert when a gate has been left open for more than 15 minutes. Total Connect is a great way to keep tabs on your business when you are away.