About Alamo Alarm

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Alamo Alarm Company, Inc. was started by Paul and Sharon Alamo in 1980. Paul was already working for an alarm company out of Sacramento, California when he decided to start his own company. They wanted to make a difference in the community by helping to protect families and businesses and their property and belongings.
The company first started off in their garage in Lodi, Ca. Paul and Sharon performed all aspects of the business including sales, installation and service. To this day, we still have many long-time customers who tell the story of Paul and Sharon being at their home and crawling through their attic to run wires while installing their alarm system.
The company grew from there and it became too busy for just Paul and Sharon to handle on their own. They hired one employee to help with installations and service, and that grew to two, and three, and so on. In the early 1990’s Paul and Sharon decided to buy a nice little building with a shop and a fenced in yard, at 431 N. Cluff Ave in Lodi and this was the new home of Alamo Alarm Company.
The business grew from there, due to common goals of providing customers with the highest level of security possible. Each and every customer is extremely important to us, and at Alamo Alarm Company you are not just a number. We truly appreciate each and every customer and our goal is for them to be our customer for life!
In 1993, Alamo Alarm Company decided to open its own Central Monitoring Station to better serve our customers. The company had been in business for over 13 years at that point and we had realized the downfalls of subcontracting out the monitoring services, which so many other companies still do to this day.
Our goal was to know if our customer had a problem before they did and to be able to react quickly in order to get their problem resolved. Now, the same person calling about the alarm signal can set up a service appointment for that customer, dispatch an on-call technician, or add special dispatching instructions, change call lists, etc.
In 1994, we decided to offer alarm response services to our customers. We had many customers with the same dilemma. If they were at work, on vacation, out of town, or unable to take a phone call, who would respond to the alarm if it were to go off? We now provide alarm response service to hundreds of our customers and with more and more cities going to verified response, this service is very necessary for some customers.
In 1999, we decided to purchase and create our own mesh Radio network to ensure fast, reliable high speed wireless transmission of alarm signals to our central monitoring station. Many customers added this service so in the event that a burglar cut the phone lines prior to breaking-in, we would still get the alarm signals via radio transmission.
In 2013, Alamo Alarm moved to our current location at 108 E. Walnut Street in Lodi. We had completely outgrown our previous location and it was time for a bigger location. Paul and Sharon’s sons Jason and Justin had now joined the company and it was time for a larger building.
In 2015, we launched our Alamo Video Witness Services. With Alamo Video Witness, it pairs our customers’ camera system, with their alarm system. When subscribing to this service, our central station will receive pre-alarm video clips and live video on their screen with the alarm signal as it comes in so they can actually see what set the alarm off. This exciting new service is cutting edge technology and allows for immediate police dispatch in the event of an actual break-in. It also reduces false alarm calls, by being able to see that it was just a balloon or animal that set the alarm off.
Alamo Alarm Company remains a local family owned and operated security Company, protecting thousands of local satisfied residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers throughout the Northern California Valley.
We are a true full service alarm company, including sales, 24 hour service, installation, 24 hour monitoring, alarm response, and Alamo Video Witness video monitoring. We pride ourselves on our service and commitment to excellence.


Our Mission Statement

To provide the highest level of security services possible to our customers, to make a difference in our community by helping to make it safer, and to value each and every loyal customer and treat them as such, because they are not just a number to us. We want every customer, whether residential or commercial, to be an Alamo Alarm customer for life!


Meet Some of Our Staff


DanaGeneral Manager ~ Dana Buck

Dana Buck started with Alamo Alarm Company fresh out of high school in 1994, at 18 years old. He started as an installation helper with no knowledge of the industry. He learned very quickly and soon became the main service technician. Within a few years, he was the Installation and Service Supervisor and trained most of the new employees. In 2002, Dana relocated and worked for another alarm company where he was the installation manager and then became sales manager. In 2007, he returned to Alamo Alarm Company taking over as the General Manager. Dana served as the president of the Greater Valley Alarm Association from 2007-2014 and now serves as the Secretary.


KimCentral Station Supervisor ~ Kimberly Warren

Kim started as a central station dispatch operator with Alamo Alarm Company in 2006. She quickly rose up through the ranks to become the Central Station Supervisor. Kim works closely with our dispatcher operators to ensure that they are properly trained and that their number one goal is always “Customer Service”. Expect to be greeted with a helpful and friendly voice every time you call into our Central Monitoring Station as each customer is greatly appreciated and extremely important to us.




Sales Manager ~ Richard Ross

Richard Ross started with Alamo Alarm Company in 1995 as an installation helper. With his previous employment background, we also had him dabble with sales, and it was quickly noticed that his talents were best suited in sales. Rich was our top security sales consultant for many years before becoming our Sales Manager. He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the products we offer due to his many years of experience in this industry. Rich also has a strong presence within our community serving on many different boards; committee’s and groups in Lodi and Stockton, such as Rotary, LeTip, Lodi Association of Realtors, etc. He has served as President and Vice President on many of these groups along with other positions.